Wednesday, December 8, 2010

24 Characteristics of people who love you

In life, you do not realize what was done by someone on yourself is a sign that he loves you. He does not want you to know directly from her mouth but she shows it through actions. Here are 24 characteristics that made by a person who shows that he loves you.
  1. People who love you have never been able to give reasons why he loves you . That he knows the hearts and eyes you only have one.
  2. Even if you already have a special friend or loved one, he does not care! For him the key you happy and you remain a dream .
  3. People who love you always receive you as it is, at heart, and your eyes are always the prettiest though you may feel you have more weight.
  4. The person who loves you always wanted to know about what you went through during the day , he would like to know you activity.
  5. People who love you will send an SMS as 'good morning', 'safe weekend', 'good night', 'take care', and others, even if you do not reply to her SMS , because SMS is the post he states love, expressed in different ways, not "I love you", but the secret of other verses that the word love.
  6. If your birthday and you are not invited to the event that you hold, at least he would call to say goodbye or SMS .
  7. People who love you will always remember all the events he went through with you, maybe even your own events have forgotten it, because when it is something precious to him. and at that time, his eyes would glass. because of the time with you it can not be repeated often.
  8. People who love you always remember every word you say , maybe even the words that you never forget revealing itself. Because he put it in his heart your words, how many words of hope that you Tell him, and eventually you destroy? Sure you forget, but not the one who loves you.
  9. People who love you will learn to love your favorite songs , maybe even yours to borrow CDs, because they want to know what your favorites - your favorite hobby as well, although hard fan of your favorites, but eventually he succeeded.
  10. If you met the last time you might be cold, or cough, he would always send SMS or call to ask your state - because he was worried about you, cares about you.
  11. If you are told to face trial, he will ask if the test is underway, and when the day comes he will be sending an SMS 'good luck' to inspire you .
  12. People who love you will give an article its possible for you it is something normal, but her article was very special.
  13. People who love you be silent for a moment, while talking on the phone with you , so you get confused. Actually, now that he felt very nervous because you have rocked her world.
  14. The person who loves you always wanted to be near you and wanted to spend his days just to you.
  15. If at any time you have to move to another area, he will always give advice so that you can be alert to the environment a bad influence on you and away.
  16. His heart he is really afraid to lose you , ever heard of 'remote eye, near the heart? "
  17. People who love you acted more like brothers than like a lover .
  18. People who love you often do things that aches like to call you 100 times a day. Or surprise you in the middle of the night by sending an SMS. Actually when he was thinking about you.
  19. People who love you sometimes you miss and do the things that make you dizzy . But when you say his actions make you annoyed he would not apologize and will do so again.
  20. If you ask him to teach you something, it will teach you to be patient even though you may be the stupidest person in the world! In fact he was so happy to help you. He never prevent you from fulfilling the request even as difficult as demand for you.
  21. If you look at his cell phone so your name will adorn the majority of his inbox . He still save SMS-messages from you even if you send it for months or even years ago. He also keeps the letters you special place and all of the things you value her.
  22. And if you try to stay away from him or refused to react, he will perceive it and disappear from your life , even though it killed him.
  23. If at any time you miss her and want to give him a chance he will be there waiting for you because in fact he never find another person, he is always waiting for you .
  24. People love you so,never forced you given reason and grounds,though is struggle to know,because he doesnt want ou burdened with karenahnya.When you ask him over, he went without blame you, because he really understands what love is
"There are people who do like the above to you? If no, do not have to waste the person ... you will regret doing it! "